Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker

RTG has long been creating amazing games that can be played online, each offering ways to win real money payouts. For those that are seeking a thrilling video poker selection, RTG offers Bonus Deuces Wild, a game that is played with deuces acting as wild cards. These cards can be used to complete wining hands, offering players more chances to collect rewards from the game.

Since there are wilds in play, there are special payouts that have been added to the pay table. Players have the ability to get a five of a kind hand and the top payout for the game is achieved by completing a Natural Royal Flush, offering a 4000 coin payout, or $20,000 when the maximum bet has been placed.

Game Payouts

As mentioned, the deuces can play an important role in the game and are used to get special paying combinations. There are three different payouts for five of a kind hands. Getting five 6s through Kings will offer a 20:1 reward. If players can get five 3, 4 or 5, the payout is increased to 40:1 and five Aces will pay 80:1. There is also the Wild Royal Flush, which is created using a wild card and this offers a 25:1 payout.

If luck is on the player’s side and they are able to collect four deuces in a single hand, they will be rewarded with a great 200:1 payout. Four deuces with an ace card will boost this reward to 250:1. The Natural Royal Flush offers a 800:1 payout and the top reward is a result of a five coin bet.

Playing for Real Money

While the game is available as a free play practice game, most players will want to collect the payouts that are offered, which will be done by selecting one of the supported coin denominations. These can range from $0.05 to $5 and as many as five coins can be placed, for a maximum bet of $25 per hand. Once players select a coin amount and the number of coins to play, they will click on Deal and the initial five cards will be dealt.

To make for faster betting, this video poker game offers a Max Bet button, which will place a five coin bet based on the coin denomination that has been selected when the game begins.

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