Aces and Eights Video Poker

With many leading software developers offering video poker variations, players who enjoy these types of games are in luck. There are numerous games that can be played at the same casino site and one of the top choices for many is Aces and Eights. This version of video poker is played with a standard deck of cards and there are special payouts for certain hand combinations. The game is played just like Jacks or Better, so players can use a basic video poker strategy to increase their chances of winning.

How to play Aces and Eights Video Poker

To play this game for real money, players will start by selecting a coin denomination. This can range from $0.05 to $5. Players will then select the number of coins to bet on the hand and there is a maximum of five coins offered. After the bets are placed, the game will begin and players are dealt 5 cards. They will then select which to hold and which to discard. New cards will be dealt for discarded cards and winning combinations will automatically be paid.

Game Payouts

Payouts for this game start with Jacks or Better and there are no wild cards in use. With this game, there are a few special payouts, which are displayed on the pay table of the game. These are Four of a Kind with 7s, which will pay 50x the bet. There is also a Four of a Kind Aces/Eights payout, which is 80x the bet.

When players are looking for this game, they should try to find one that offers full pays. This is indicated by a Full House payout of 9x and a Flush payout of 6x. The payout percentage when playing a full pay Aces and Eights game is 99.78%, as long as players are employing perfect strategy. This is a great RTP and players will find they can increase their bankroll easily and play for a length of time without depleting the budget.

Aces and Eights Poker Tips

Aces and Eights does require players to make use of a different strategy than when they play games like Jacks or Better. If players have a flush or straight, they should hold all cards. With two high cards, players should hold them and hope for a pair. If there is one high card, hold it and draw with hopes of a pair or better. With four cards to a flush or straight, draw a card even if it means passing on a high pair. With these strategies, players will find Aces and Eights to be a very rewarding video poker selection.

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