Online Video Poker Tournaments

Every online casino will offer some type of video poker game and those sites that are powered by leading software providers will have a large array of these games. Aside from being able to play video poker games for free and for real money, many casino sites will also offer video poker tournaments. Instead of playing alone, these events will allow players to compete against each other, trying to get the highest scores to place on the leaderboard. Video poker tournaments are a fun way to enjoy the game and have more chances to win larger payouts.

Online video poker tournaments have become very popular and many players are turning away from bingo rooms and even slot tournaments to take part in these events. With impressive cash prizes up for grabs, these tournaments are a thrilling way to gamble online.

Video Poker Tournaments Explained

When players enter a video poker tournament, they will not be playing real money games using their funded casino accounts. Instead, they will be playing with an allotted amount of credits that are given to each player. There is a fixed amount that must be paid to enter the tournament and every player will start with the same amount of credits. Some video poker tournaments are time based, and with these, players will all have the same time limit to win as many credits as possible. With most of the video poker tournaments offered online, between 10% and 25% of the players who enter will win a cash prize.

Players will have to find the type of tournament they enjoy, either one that offers a set number of credits or one that is based on a time limit. For example, some tournaments may have a 2 hour time limit and those players who win the most credits at the end of the event will receive payouts from the prize pool. There are even events that are based on the number of hands played. In some instances, the tournament will combine hand limits with time limits. With these, the player may receive 3,000 credits to use in 30 minutes or 100 hands. Once one of these limits is reached, the event is over for that player.

With video poker tournaments, the games are fixed to place a max bet with every hand that is played. This allows players to win more for getting higher ranking hands, boosting their win amounts and placing them in position to receive a payout when the tournament ends.

Tournament Strategies

In most cases, players will use the same strategy when they play a standard video poker game, however it may be beneficial to alter strategies in tournament play. Players should have the goal of getting as many Royal Flush hands as possible as these pay the most and will boost positions on the leaderboard. For example, if players have a pair and three cards leading to a Royal Flush, it is better to try for the Royal than it is to take the safe pair payout.

Players will have to make determinations when playing and decide whether they should throw away a guaranteed winning hand to try for one that has higher rewards. Generally, players in tournaments will hold a straight or better and will shoot for the Royal when they have a pair, three of a kind or cards that lead to a Royal.

It is up to each player how they use strategy with tournaments, but it is guaranteed that players who get multiple Royal Flush hands will be in the money.

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