Video Poker Statistics: The Odds of Getting any Given Hand

When you play video poker, the chances are that you'll be eagerly awaiting the moment a specific card makes its way into your hand so that you can create a straight flush or four aces. However, most people aren't aware of just how frequently certain jackpots actually occur. The numbers can vary depending on the specific types of games that you play, however here are some benchmarks that may be worth considering.

The table below indicates the odds of getting a winning hand during the first five cards that are dealt in a game using 52 cards. Odds will change if you are playing video poker that uses an additional card.

The Hand Odds/ Statistics
Pair of any kind 1 / 2.37
Pair of Jacks, Kings, Queens or Aces 1 / 7.69
Two pairs of any kind 1 / 21
Three cards of the same value 1 / 47
Straight 1 / 255
Flush 1 / 509
Full House 1 / 694
Four cards of the same value 1 / 4165
Straight Flush 1 / 72193
Royal Flush 1 / 649740

Odds on Draw

Although it would be nice to receive a great hand the moment we hit the maximum bet button, this rarely happens. Less than 1% of hands played will result in you holding all five cards. For example, your chances of getting a royal flush in the first hand is only 1 in 178,365, however in hold 2 it reduces to 1 in 16,215, hold three 1 in 1081 and hold four, 1 in 47.

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