Tens or Better Power Poker

At Microgaming online casinos, players will have access to some of the best variations of video poker online. This company has created 16 different games and 11 of them are available as power Poker games, such as Tens or Better. With this game, players will have the ability to play multiple hands at the same time, with each hand in play requiring a separate wager. The game is played following the standard rules of Tens or Better and the only difference is that more hands are in play, so there are more chances to collect payouts from the game.

Game Rules and Payouts

This game from Microgaming offers players the chance to play as many as four hands, so bet amounts will be multiplied by the number of hands that are in play. Each hand is played with a full deck with no Jokers in use. The goal, as with all games of video poker, is to create the best ranking hand to collect the highest possible payout. With this game a Royal Flush will pay 4,000 coins when a five coin bet has been placed, so with the Power version, players can win as many as 16,000 coins if they can achieve this top ranking hand in all hands in play.

When playing this game, players will select from different coin denominations and will choose how many coins to bet and how many hands to play. Once the bet is placed, the first hand of five cards will be dealt. Players will choose which cards to hold and this is repeated for all four hands in play. Any hands that have winning ranks will automatically be paid out according to the pay table. This game is simple to play and with payouts starting at Tens or Better, it is one that can offer frequent returns on wagers placed.

Tens or Better Power Poker Tips

The only cards that are the same in the game are those that are held in the initial hand. All other cards will be replaced by new cards from a separate deck for each hand in play. Players should follow the basic video poker strategies for 10s or Better to enhance the game and have the best chances at creating hands that can offer impressive payouts. It is always best to place the five coin bet as the 4,000 coin jackpot can only be won with a maximum coin bet.

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