Sevens Wild Video Poker

When players choose an online video poker game, they will make their decisions on the pay table and the specific rule of the game. With some great variations like Sevens Wild, players will have a unique game that offers different chances to win over Jacks or Better. This particular game is played with a 52 card deck and all of the Sevens in the deck will be used as a wild card. This will help players complete different winning combinations and the overall rules of the game are just like those used when playing Deuces Wild. The payouts with this game all start with three of a kind hands and the top payout is obtained by completing a natural royal flush, which is made without the use of any wild cards.

Sevens Wild Video Poker Strategy

With this game, it is possible to get five of a kind and it is much easier to create high ranking hands since there are wild cards in play. If players are dealt and of the four top ranking hands, always hold these hands and immediately collect the win. If the original hand has four or three sevens, hold these and draw the remaining cards. Always hold any four cards that can lead to a royal flush. If the cards dealt do not lead to any of the high paying hands, hold any seven cards that are dealt and try to make the best possible hand with those cards remaining.

When it comes to pairs, players should hold just one pair if two are dealt. They should also hold any four card flush or four card straights. The holding strategy with this game will be the same as with Deuces Wild, so always make those wild cards work beneficially.

Betting Rules and Payouts

When playing the game for real money, players will have the chance to bet up to five coins of different denominations. Most of the games featured at online casinos will provide players the chance to bet from just a penny and the amount can increase to offer maximum bets that can be as high as $100 per hand. When playing the game, players should choose a coin denomination that will allow them to place the five coin maximum bet as the payouts will be better. A natural royal flush that is won with five coins will pay 4,000 coins, but betting 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins will result in wins of just 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 coins, so it is always beneficial to place the maximum coin bet even if playing for smaller denominations.

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