Playtech Video Poker

Playtech is one of the larger software developers to provide games to online casinos. Seeing as this company has a stellar reputation in the industry, players can expect high quality games when they choose a Playtech online casino. These sites are home to hundreds of amazing games, incoming multiple variations of video poker. Video poker is a top choice for many players as it offers the best possible odds of winning. The game is easy to play and can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. At Playtech casinos, players will enjoy games that are single hand, multi-hand and progressive, offering a great array of options for video poker fans.

Video Poker Games by Playtech

Playtech Variations

When playing online, players will have their choice of 7 different game variations. These games can all be played for real money and offer great payout percentages. For those that are seeking multi-hand games, Playtech offers Aces and Faces, which can be played as a 1,4 or 25 hand game, Deuces Wild, played as a 1 or 4 hand game and Jacks or Better, played as a 1, 4, 10 or 50 hand game. These multi-hand games provide great excitement and allow players to collect multiple wins from a single game.

To play the multi-hand games, players will have to place a bet on each hand that is being played. To enjoy the best possible payouts, a five coin bet is suggested, so this can become a bit costly when playing more than one hand. Players should also note that the multi-hand games can have a different pay table than the single hand game. The best choice at Playtech casinos is Jacks or Better, which is a 9/6 game and offers a payout rate of 99.54%.

Progressive Jackpot Games

Playtech offers two games that have a progressive jackpot. These are 10 Hand Jacks or Better and MegaJacks, both requiring a five coin bet. For the Jacks or Better game, players will have to play 10 hands and will have to create a Royal Flush in the original hand. If a Royal Flush appears in any other hand played, it will pay the top payout of 4000 coins. MegaJacks is a single hand game that is based on a Jacks or Better variation. To win the progressive with this game, players will need to complete a hand with a Royal Flush.

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