Jackpot Deuces Video Poker

Jackpot Deuces is one of the most played video poker game created by Microgaming and with this game, players stand the chance to win a massive progressive jackpot. The game is played like a standard video poker game with some basic exceptions. There are some differences to the pay table and with a maximum bet, the progressive jackpot can be won, enhancing the game and making it a video poker selection that is very appealing to players.

Rules of Jackpot Deuces

The rules of the game are rather basic and any player that has enjoyed the action of video poker in the past will easily be able to start playing. The goal is to create the best ranking hand possible with the cards that are dealt. With this version of the game, players will use the deuces in the deck as wild cards, which can help to complete winning hands. To start the game, simply choose a bet amount and click on Deal. Players will be dealt five cards and they must decide which to hold and which to discard in order to create a paying hand. Payouts with this game start with Three of a Kind or better.

Progressive Winnings

The exciting part of playing Jackpot Deuces is having the chance to collect that progressive jackpot. This can only be won when players have bet 5 coins on the hand and they must get a Diamond Royal Flush. A Royal Flush in any other suit will offer a lower payout, with the best reward being 1600 coins with a five coin bet. The progressive jackpot will continue to grow as more wagers are placed and when players hit the jackpot, the amount will be reset to a seed amount and will again continue to grow.

Jackpot Deuces Strategy

The best strategy for the game is one that follows that of Deuces Wild strategy. Players should always bet five coins on the hand, even if they are playing for a smaller coin denomination as the jackpot cannot be won without this bet. If players have a hand with no deuces, they should always hold four cards to a Royal, any paying hand, four cards leading to a straight flush, three cards to a Royal, any and all pairs and four cards to a flush. The strategy differs a bit when deuces are in play as this eliminates the chance of getting a natural royal flush. In some cases, it is better to discard a wild card if it means increasing the chances of getting the Diamond Royal.

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