Game King Double Bonus Poker

With the IGT video poker game, Double Bonus Poker, players will have the chance to double their payouts if they can complete bonus hands in the game. This game is a variation of Jacks or Better and payouts start with even rewards. The top payout is achieved with a Royal Flush, offering an 800:1 payout for bets of 1 to 4 coins. Betting the fifth coin will boost the payout to 4000 coins for this hand.

This single hand game has a minimum bet amount of $10, so it is best suited for those with established budgets and experience playing video poker. By using basic video poker strategy, this selection can prove to be one of the more rewarding games as there are bonus payouts for four of a kind hands that are created.

Special Payouts

Instead of the 2:1 payout that is often found with Jacks or Better games, this version only offers an even money return. However, this makes room for the larger payouts when four of a kind hands are created. Based on the pay table of the game, four of a kind hands will pay 25:1 or 125 coins on a max bet. If this hand is created using 5s through Kings, it will pay 50:1 for bets of 1 to 4 coins, and 80:1 for a five coin bet. If players can get four Aces, they will get a 160:1 payout or an 800 coin reward with a five coin bet.

Since players can choose to bet up to 5 coins on the game, the maximum reward comes from getting a Royal Flush, which can pay as many as 32,000 coins.

How to Play

Double Bonus Poker is played just like any other video poker game and with real money betting options, players can collect some amazing wins. Since there are special payouts for four of a kind hands, these should be the goal, which may require altering the basic video poker strategy. Players should always keep four of a kind hands, Straight Flushes or Royal Flushes. They should also keep any four cards that could lead to a Royal Flush. While players will want to get the Royal Flush for a top payout, this is a rare hand to create, so it is better to focus on the creation of the four of a kind hands for the largest returns.

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