Double Joker Video Poker

With so many video poker variants put there, players need to take some time to review different games before they start playing. Here, players can learn about Double Joker video poker, a game that is quite popular with online gamblers. With this game, there are 54 cards in the deck as the two Jokers are on play. These cards will be wild and will take the place of any card value to help players complete winning hands and get payouts. With 2 wilds, the payouts for the game do not start until players have Two Pair or better.

Double Joker Betting Rules

This version of the game is played like any other video poker game and players will be trying to get the top payout for a Natural Royal Flush. The reward for this is 4000 coins as long as one has placed the maximum bet of 5 coins. If a lower bet was placed, the payouts reduce dramatically, so it is always advised that players play the max amount of coins, regardless of the coin denomination that has been selected.

Game Payout Details

Once the bets are placed, players will receive five cards and will have to make their choices on which to hold and which to discard. The standard video poker strategy can be used to some degree, but when a hand contains a Joker, it is always best to keep that card, even if it means discarding all others. With the two Jokers, it is possible to create a 5 of a kind hand, which will offer the third highest payout on the game.

Double Joker is a fast and exciting game that can be enjoyed for free or for real money. The game has an autoplay feature as well as a max bet button for quick wagering. There is also a Gamble Feature that is offered after any winning hand. With this, players will gamble their original win and try to double that amount by choosing a card that either beats the dealer’s card or is a colour or suit that has been selected. The gamble feature will vary with different software providers, but in either case, a correct guess will double the payout.

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