Online Video Poker with eChecks

Video poker games have become one of the most played game types at online casinos due to the offering of a high return on wagers placed. These games are developed by numerous software companies and they each offer different game variations. Players can enjoy the action of a single hand video poker game or can choose a multi-hand game, where they have the option of playing as many as 100 hands with some software. When playing video poker at an online casino, it is possible to collect some major payouts, which is why a number of players will choose to use an eCheck to fund their casino accounts. With this, secure deposits can be transacted, providing a great way for players from around the globe to get in on the excitement of these video poker games.

How to Use eChecks

The process of using an eCheck at an online casino is pretty simple. Players will visit the cashier at the online casino and will choose eCheck as a payment method. They will then be asked to enter bank details, which will include name, address, phone number, type of bank account, bank name, bank city and state, account number and ABA transit number. Once this information is entered, it will be stored for future use. The player will then select how much to depose to their account and the funds will be removed from the bank account provided. This is similar to a bank transfer. eChecks simply replace the process of writing a paper check and offer players a faster way to use their bank account to play real money video poker games online.

Drawbacks of eChecks

The main problem with using an eCheck is that players must wait for the check to clear, just as if they had written a check to the casino. This can take several days, so the deposits will not be completed instantly. Should there be insufficient funds in the bank account provided, the eCheck will bounce, causing more problems and extending the time it will take to complete the transaction. Players will also incur fees if this will happen. eChecks are usually a last resort for players who cannot use an ewallet service or do not have a credit card.

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