Video Poker for USA Players

With many online casinos offering variations of video poker, it is simple for gamblers located in the US to find these games and play for real money online. While there are still some limitations as to what online casinos will accept US players, there are fewer choices than what others would have. Online gambling was just legalised in the US in 2013 and it is up to individual states as to whether they will allow this form of gambling. As of now, just a few states allow this and the operating online casinos are restricted to those that reside in the state. In regards to off shore online casinos, players have limited choices as not all software providers will accept players from this location.

Versions of Video Poker

When USA players do find accepting online casinos, they will come across some great versions of video poker. Almost every online casino will have about five or more games that can be played and these are all based on the version of Jacks or Better. When playing video poker variations, players need to pay close attention to the pay tables of the games so they choose those that offer the best chances of winning. Whenever possible, it is best to choose a full pay game over others, but this is not always an option.

Real Money Games

To enjoy the most from video poker games online, US players will want to play the games for real money, so they will have to create a player account. Once this is done, they can choose from different bet amounts in the video poker game, with the maximum bet always being five coins. Many of these games can be played for a penny, so it remains affordable even when placing max bets.

USA players may have some limitations as compared to other players from around the world, but with almost every online casino offering video poker games, these players can quickly and easily find games that will fit right into their casino budgets and offer stellar payouts. Of all games in a casino setting, video poker offers the best chances at winning, which is why many US players continue to seek out these games at online casino sites.

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