Video Poker for French Players

Video poker games have always been stable games at casino settings and with the offering of online casinos that cater to French players, these games can now be enjoyed in the comfort of home and players for real money payouts. This is an easy game to learn and it does not take long to master, so it is a game that can be enjoyed by new or experienced players. As players enjoy more games of video poker, they will become more comfortable with the use of strategies and these can help boost the amount that is won when playing the game online. There are many versions of video poker that are offered, with some online casinos having 10 or more games. The actual selection of game titles will largely depend on the software that is powering the site.

Jackpot Video Poker

The payouts for video poker games can vary per variation, with the top payout offering 4000 coins. However, there are some software providers that offer games that feature a progressive jackpot and these will attract many French gamblers. Not only will players be able to collect the standard payouts based on the pay table, but they will stand to win a jackpot that could offer thousands in return. These progressive games are not the most popular, but there are few games that can be enjoyed when playing at a Microgaming or Playtech casino site.

Microgaming Progressive Video Poker

There are two great games that are offered by Microgaming that present the chance to win a progressive jackpot. The first is SupaJax and this is a Jacks or Better game. In order to collect the progressive payout, players will be required to place the maximum five coin bet. The game has 53 cards and the added card is the SupaJax card. To win the jackpot, players will have to hold a hand that has the SupaJax card as well as four jacks.

The other progressive game is Jackpot Deuces and this will require players to create a royal flush using Diamonds to collect the huge payout. This is a popular game and offers an average jackpot of $35,000.

Playtech Progressive Video Poker

With Playtech casinos, there are some nice progressive video poker games that can be played, including the popular 10 Line Jacks or Better version. With this, players will win the progressive with a Royal Flush on the dealt hand. There is also MegaJacks, which is a Jacks or Better variation and offers a jackpot payout with a Royal Flush as long as a maximum bet has been placed.

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